Friday, April 10, 2009

Our 24-volt Charger

The last time we went to the boat Jeff thought there was “something funny” about the charger. We had plugged it into shore power as always then did our usual bits on the boat, had a leisurely lunch, did some shopping, whatever. When we went to unplug it several hours later, it hadn’t come up to charge. When we went back in two weeks Jeff brought his meter and tested it more thoroughly and determined it was no longer working. ARGH! Our first expensive equipment failure of the season. Actually, we’ve been pretty lucky in the 6 years we’ve had aCappella - replaced the inverter once and some problems with our KVH satellite antenna which we had replaced at an excellent electronics shop in Cambridge, Maryland on the Chesapeake, Mid-Shore Electronics. They did a great job, were helpful and friendly, and even let us stay an extra two days on their dock while we waited for better weather. We highly recommend them!

Well, Jeff did his research, asked the right questions on the Trawlers and Trawlering forum and ordered new charges - two new 12-volt charger which cost less than the old one! Oh, joy, our next trip to the boat will include the thrill of installing new equipment. Stay tuned to find what will (not may) go wrong.....

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