Friday, April 17, 2009

Larry’s Lines - Perfection

When it comes to making lines there are none better than Larry’s. It is one of the things that he loves to do and still accepts orders from all over the world. Making dock lines for mega-yachts is one of Larry’s winter pastimes. Each line is meticulously hand spliced and whipped, and they are true works of art. It doesn’t matter if they’re dock lines, mooring lines, or even “leash lines” for our dogs, each one is beautiful. Three-strand or braided, without color trace, or hard to find New England Ropes, Larry can get it, splice it and deliver it. Since we met him, only Larry has done our lines. Here in Maine practically every boat sits on a mooring. Larry’s mooring lines have nice leather chafing gear and the ends of our docking lines are custom finished to fit our boat perfectly. He has tried to teach Jeff his techniques and while Jeff’s lines are certainly passable, you would never confuse them with Larry’s.

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