Friday, May 8, 2009

Installing the Chargers - Well, That Was a Bore!

This week the new chargers arrived so we planned on installing them right away to give us plenty of time before our launch date to deal with any problems we might encounter. We left first thing in the morning armed with extra tools and with Jeff having carefully read all the instructions. I looked to face another day of crouching in the engine room, and running up and down the ladder for needed items all while attending to cuts and bruises. And I had my own list I really wished to get to. Well, while I did get called 2 or 3 times to bring an item or two, and there was one request for a paper towel to clean up blood, the units went in without any real hitches. It was kind of creepy!

I was happily left to tackle one of the things I like best - organizing. I decided to do the galley as the engine room hatch is right there which allowed me to be available if needed. One of the things I decided to do before we left in August was to go through every drawer, cabinet, closest, and cubby to purge them of items we have not used in the past 6 years - excluding safety items, of course. I then reorganized each area and noted any items I felt we should add. For example, since Jeff and I started weight training a year ago, we drink 1-2 protein shakes a day - we need a blender! So the galley is done. I took home a boat bag of items and now have several empty drawers and extra space in some cabinets. A successful day indeed!

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