Friday, March 13, 2009

Foot Oil for Our Fender Holders???

It’s like pulling the string on the sweater. We now have beautifully clean fenders which makes the fender holders look like h%#ll. The boat came outfitted with a beautiful set of leather holders with soft “sheep skin” linings to protect the cap rail. They make placing the fenders (my job) a breeze and make us look like real professionals. Years of saltwater, sun, and a few bumps and bangs have left them looking old and tired. Replacing them is expensive - hundreds of dollars a piece! Our trusty friend and boating mentor, Larry Eaton, (you’ll read a lot about Larry in our blog) told us to try Neats Foot Oil. It’s a product developed for conditioning, and waterproofing shoes and boots, and it worked great! First we cleaned them with mild soap and water and let them dry throughly. Then Jeff applied three coats of Neats Foot Oil. It removed the scuff marks, gave the leather a soft, supple look, and put a coating on to repel water. And since it is not officially a “boating product” it is reasonably priced, about $7 for 32 ounces at a hardware store or online. We’ve also used Neats on the leather chafing gear for our mooring lines. They look great also! See other “Products and Tips We Love” on the ActiveCaptain web site.

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Anonymous said...

Next time you have to clean the leather, make a point of using saddle soap (available at any Equistrian supply, good shoe repair shop or high end sporting goods store.) It contains esential oils that keep the leather from drying out from the water contact while foaming away the ground in dirt and grime. One can will last a lifetime.